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On the 23rd of May, Karmøy municipality and Visit Karmøy launched «Time travel», an app-based historic city walk in Skudeneshavn. «Time travel» is created with Vjupoint and makes use of our innovative visitor engagement platform to provide an outdoor film theatre.

The purpose of «Time travel» is to make history in old Skudeneshavn come alive, and to offer a year-round visitor engangement service independent of opening hours and personnel. We wanted to make history present and to show the town's streets and history in a new way. Utilizing the visitors' own phones, the muncipality can present the visible and bring the invisible to life. This will give the audience a glimpse of the social, cultural, and architectural presence that sprung out of the town's houses and people.

– I think this is a great project and it's Karmøy municipality's priority to become a completely digitized organization. Our ambition is to achieve this by 2020, so this is a good step in that direction, says mayor Jarle Nilsen.

– For starters, it was easy to download. As someone who's not very digital, I appreciate that. It's easy to figure out and it's in both Norwegian and English, so it suits most of us, continues Nilsen.

The app consists of movies made in a collaboration between Absurd film, Elsa Aanensen og Nina Sele (script and production), Karmøy municipality (project management by municipal antiquarian Ane Steingildra Alvestad and tourism advisor Camilla Vandvik), and Utviklerne AS (app production with Vjupoint). Through 11 film you will meet characters from the heyday that show you the town as they know it. The start is at the statue of former mayor Wikre and the end is at the viewpoint on Havnafjellet. The films are controlled by GPS so that the scene will correspond with the surroundings and create an illusion of the story playing out in front of the visitors.

The ambition is for «Time Travel» to be developed further so that history can come alive in other parts of the municipality as well.

– We're excited to see how it is received and experienced by the visitors. We hope it will be fun and that we will have the opportunity to expand to concept to other places in Karmøy, says Alvestad.

Download «Time Travel» here.

See also the media coverage in Karmøynytt and Skudenesnytt or listen to a radio broadcast about the project on Radio102.

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