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Take part in the digital transformation of visitor engagement with Vjupoint, the next-generation platform for mobile storytelling and guiding.

Are you looking for a new way of engaging your visitors with varied content on a digital platform? Do you want to know which installations are popular (and which are not catching your visitors' interest)? Or do you wish you could engage different audiences on their own terms rather than displaying the same wall text to everyone?

Vjupoint delivers a complete feature set in one single delivery at an affordable price. Start small and let the system grow with you, or go all the way from the beginning. It's entirely up to you.

Watch the introduction

Have a look at our video introduction to Vjupoint. It'll only take you two minutes.

Audio guide

Vjupoint delivers a complete audio guide experience with high-resolution images and text to accompany the audio.

Virtual reality

Add a virtual reality experience to your guide with walkable and touchable 3D models and immersive 360 degree videos and images. Visualize the story and and let the visitors explore it themselves. Show, don't tell.

All audiences

Create different content tailored to the needs of each of your target audiences. Inspire children with easily accessible stories, and at the same time allow afficionados to dwelve deeper into the subject matter.

All languages

If your venue receives international visitors, you can cater to everyone's needs by creating content in different languages, or even different content for different languages.

Visitor maps

Give your visitors a detailed indoor or outdoor map of your venue with all your exhibits and information readily accessible.


Add games to your exhibition or tour with our add-on module for quiz or embed your own mini games.

Exhibition catalogue

Provide your visitors with a living exhibition catalogue that changes with the seasons.

Indoors and outdoors

Vjupoint provides seamless location-based content to visitors indoors and outdoors.

From the start, Sagastad had three resources dedicated to helping visitors find their way around the centre. With Vjupoint, we've been able to reduce that by 30%.

Solveig Midtbø, CEO, Sagastad
Indoor audio guide
Outdoor general purpose
Art for kids - by kids
Exhibition catalogue

Case study: Combination guide

Artipelag have used Vjupoint to their advantage, covering both the indoor and outdoor exhibitions and providing specially crafted content for children along with general public content.

The indoor exhibition lets you choose between the general public audio guide and the kids' video guide, featuring Harry and Stella. In both guides, the exhibits are explained in a relatable way, allowing you to take in the content at your own pace.

The exhibition catalogue lets you browse Artipelag's extensive displays, both current and past, when at the venue or at home. It allows you to refresh your memory or revisit something that peaked your interest.

The potential to use the app to see things that are no longer there or are not currently present is insightful and enriches the experience of an artefact, item or space.

Irish Museum of Modern Art

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