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Sagastad is a brand new knowledge center focusing on the Viking Age. Here you can explore the 30 meter (100ft) long Myklebust ship – one of the worlds largest viking ships that has been found traces of. Learn about the mystics, the rituals, of the long voyages in fantastic ships and about our proud cultural history.

The Sagastad visitor app is created with Vjupoint and allows international travellers, often from cruise ships on a journey of the Norwegian fjords, to experience Sagastad and its mythical stories in their own language. With unlimited translations at their fingertips and automatic content delivery through indoor positioning, Sagastad are able to offer every visitor an engaging and unique experience.

From the start, Sagastad had three resources dedicated to helping visitors find their way around the centre. With Vjupoint, we've been able to reduce that by 30%.

Solveig Midtbø, CEO

Sagastad have opted for a pure audio guide implementation, with content in Norwegian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Mandarin. Vjupoint automatically selects the correct language based on the user's phone settings, or defaults to English for anyone who speaks a language not yet provided.

For phase 2, specially developed mini games will be introduced as alternative content for kids, utilising Vjupoint's ability to provide different content to different audiences. Kids will be able to participate in Viking seafaring activities or examining the burial mound where the finds on display at Sagastad where found.

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