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Expand your digital content delivery with immersive and stunning 360 degree videos that transport your visitors to an exciting alternative reality. Imagine giving your visitors an eagle's view -- literally -- of the archeological site, or take them to the highest mountain top, without having to leave the ground. Or how about placing them in the middle of a Viking battle re-enactment, with fierce warriors fighting for the crown all around.

This is now possible using the newest addition to Vjupoint. Simply upload a 360 degree video like you would any other video, and we'll take care of the rest. Your visitors need only play the video and start exploring the virtual reality around them by tilting their phone in different directions.

Get started with 360 degree video by uploading a 360 degree video file to your CMS using the File Manager.

A 360 degree video must be filmed with a special camera that films in all directions at once. Feel free to use one of the sample videos below to try it out. We will automatically process and present the file as a 360 degree video.

Then use this video in your video content to deliver the immersive 360 degree video experience.

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